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    Strict work processes, in line with the EN 15038:2006

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Summarizing and translating         the key messages in the text


Low-cost professional translation suited for internal purposes


Guaranteed and certified quality, best for externally distributed texts

VIAX Corporate Language Solutions

Quality matters.

VIAX Corporate Language Solutions is a language service provider operating a network of specialists worldwide and offering a diverse range of language solutions to businesses, targeting small and medium-sized companies as well as corporations, government, educational and non-profit organizations.

We have developed EN 15038 compliant methodologies and levels of services for handling both simple and complex large-volume language projects.

Translation Services

A professional and seamless         translation is critical to your success. Our goal is to help you establish and keep an upscale business profile by providing consistent and accurate translations, subject to strict QA control. We offer a wide range of service levels catering to your needs.

Linguistic Validation

   Concise translation and culturally-         sensitive adaptation of Patient             Reported Outcomes (PRO) is             crucial to clients involved in                 international clinical trials. We              adhere to industry-compliant               linguistic validation procedures             with your individual needs in mind.

Website/Software Localization

   Localization is translating and              customizing products to foreign         markets and cultural conventions        (colors, symbols, currency, date          formats, etc.). Rendering your             websites and software linguistically     and culturally relevant to any              target market helps you push your      business a few giant leaps forward.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Our professional DTP team provides   an exact replica of the original file layout in target documents, manipulates complex diagrams, graphics, images, tables, develops    new high-scale formatting and     design, converts text, layouts and    file formats, performs HTML editing and many more.

Multicultural Marketing

   Your success in entering a foreign      market heavily relies on the               relevant cultural messages your           brand conveys: our in-country            teams perform international brand       checks, transcreation, copywriting,     email marketing, etc. Address your       target audience with confidence        and stand out in the crowd!

Terminology Management

   With the help of advanced CAT         tools, we aim to optimize turnaround    times, greatly reduce costs and          maintain your company’s unique          and consistent voice. We create        dictionaries and glossaries, analyze,       utilize your previous translations          and compile them into Translation       Memory (TM) for future use.

Quality Assessment

The official use of documents that     are not validated as completely accurate can be a costly error. We  strive to ensure that your files, translated from other sources, are error-free, consistent, reliable, stylistically polished and adequately represent your company to your partners and clients.

Voiceover & Subtitling

   Our linguists and multilingual native      voice talents from all ages and             languages, we offer professional          subtitle translations and audio              localization of commercial                  audio/visual presentations, DVDs,        voice prompts, audiobooks,               software/telephony messaging           systems and more.


   If you have an audio/video                recording in any language and need    the text transcribed (extracted) or    both transcribed and translated, we    offer you our high quality                  transcription services: accurate          word for word transcription by           native-speaking field specialists             (medical, technical, marketing, etc.).

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