Whether your products are intended for TV, radio, Internet or podcasts, our multilingual voice talents of various ages, backgrounds, languages and regions can help you reach your objectives in multiple languages.

Multimedia and audio-visual products that we localize include:

  • advertisements, company presentations, products and services;
  • audio books, learning courses, interactional tools, movies, video clips, slides, voice prompts, greetings, software and telephony messaging systems.

We offer complete project management and files processing. We both translate and record your content using the techniques you prefer: voiceover, dubbing and lip synchronization to create the necessary immersive background for your application.

We take into account your specific project requirements and strive to offer you an ultimate solution that fits your purpose best according to the aspects of your voiceover or dubbing project, such as requested countries, regions, dialects or accents, gender, age, voice type and style.