Transcription and Media Translation

If you have an audio or video recording in English or in a foreign language and need the content transcribed (extracted), we offer you our transcription services: we provide accurate word for word transcription by native-speaking transcribers, with strong familiarity and understanding of the respective terminology and language.

Accuracy is critical, so we apply our quality procedures including an independent editing depending on the service level you opt for.

In view of your time limits and specific requirements, we offer:

  • Monolingual transcription – the language in which we deliver the transcription is the source language in which the tape has been recorded.
  • Direct translation – the content of your recording will be written directly in the target language, without transcribing it into the source language first.
  • Full source transcription and translation – your recording will be first transcribed into the source language and then translated.

We generally recommend full source transcription and translation for utmost accuracy but if a speedy translation is requested, then the direct translation may be the option for you.