Terminology Management

With the help of advanced translation tools, our expert linguists analyze, utilize your company’s previous translations, compile them in Translation Memories (TMs), and create, revise and maintain glossaries and style guides both for your company’s internal needs and for reference/implementation in upcoming translation projects.

Translation Memories (TMs)

A Translation Memory or TM, is a database that stores all human translations aligned into segments – sentences, phrases, strings, depending on the nature of the source text.

Most companies have a large amount of repetitive text that requires translation. Our advanced translation memory tools record every word we translate, so you do not translate the same text twice. If your company has a large volume of stored translations, we can optimize this data for you, align the translated documents and save them as translation memories for future usage.

Efficiency Benefits

Save Time & Reduce Costs

We offer discounts for any chunks of text that have been fully or partially translated by us. Long-term partners and clients with higher volume translations may report lowering their translation costs by 30 to 60%.

Quality Benefits

Enhance quality, preserve the consistency of your corporate terminology

Our goal is to use all translated terms, sentences and phrases consistently throughout your projects. This helps build and maintain your corporate terminology and unique company voice. Translation memories are shared between translators working on your projects. They may be further edited and leveraged to ensure impeccable quality.


Extracting the terms that are central to your brand or are highly repetitive, translating and using them consistently in all your projects.

  • We check, maintain and update existing glossaries provided to you by third parties.
  • We extract terminology and compile dictionaries and glossaries from already existing human translations performed for your company and from any applicable reference materials in various formats in order to incorporate your company’s specific terminology and voice in future translations.

Style Guides

A style guide outlines the stylistic and linguistic standards and aspects that have to be implemented in your project, such as level of formality, tone, syntax, vocabulary, etc. A style guide is very important in unifying your company’s voice and message across multiple markets. As the stylistic and linguistic aspects are defined in advance, we avoid subjective decisions on the part of the linguists that influence the consistency of your message.