SEO/SEM Translations

To further strengthen your virtual presence, we offer the right creative linguistic services related to your global digital marketing strategy.

International SEM that is properly localized is likely to receive more downloads from users, as well as more sales, revenue and lower costs long-terms.

You need to make sure that your multilingual SEO (search engine optimisation) and multilingual PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are optimised to a high standard in order to rank well in search results for each targeted market and language. SEO optimization for multilingual websites will reach the target audience only if keywords and content are well adapted to the culture and linguistic peculiarities of your global audience as per their local market.

Working in collaboration with in-country SEO/SEM specialists, we offer diverse services that will boost your search ranking, quality of keywords, conversions and click-through rates (CTR) while maintaining consistency and key brand awareness.

Multilingual SEO features

  • Foreign market keyword research and keyword mapping
  • Analyze competitor keywords and metas in relevant markets
  • Providing you with unique meta tags, page titles and product descriptions for the target market
  • Populating content with relevant keywords
  • Creation of additional content around the selected keywords where appropriate

We also offer copies of landing pages, optimization and target culture consultancy, PPC campaigns localization and more.

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