Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Documents translated in other languages can substantially expand or contract. This is why it is very important to adjust the target content to the original layout and fit all your text attributes, such as diagrams, tables, images, etc.

We fully handle the layout formatting process for you in order to avoid any improper text segmentation in foreign languages. Our team of designers collaborates closely with the translators and editors assigned to your project and thus ensure that you receive a perfectly looking document ready for electronic distribution or printing in the file format you need.

Our DTP engineers provide an exact replica of the original file layout in target documents, manipulate complex diagrams, graphics, images, tables, develop new high-scale formatting and design, convert text, layouts and file formats, perform HTML editing and much more.

The multilingual DTP services are offered both as options that can be incorporated in your translation or website localization project, or as standalone services for materials already created by third parties. Whatever your needs are, we will offer the ultimate desktop publishing solution for your products.


  • Mirror image: we deliver the same file format and layout as your original documents
  • Accuracy: close collaboration of our translators, editors and designers
  • Quality Assurance: every project undergoes a final quality check by a native-speaking editor
  • Multilingual expertise: your team does not need to handle languages they are not familiar with – we have all the resources to ensure top-quality professional service by native specialists in multiple languages
  • Customer support: our dedicated Project Management team is here to accommodate your needs