Localization (often abbreviated as “l10n”) is not limited to simply translating a product. It is the process of translating and customizing software applications, websites, brands and products to a particular country, language and target market. Localization takes into account regional differences (colours, symbols, images) and target market technical requirements (currency, date format). It also includes changes to a software application or website in accordance with different alphabets.

In today’s climate of globalization, localizing your software products or websites in foreign languages will push your business a few giant leaps forward. Our localization team of engineers and linguists will help you boost your revenue by rendering your software products and websites linguistically and culturally relevant to the target market.

Website and software localization demonstrates credibility, desire to work with other cultures, understanding and recognition. It gives you a chance to gain significant exposure of your products/services and to introduce them to millions of new potential clients while positively impacting your revenue.

Our localization service will help you to:

  • achieve cultural awareness;
  • win new clients and conquer foreign markets;
  • boost your revenues.