Web Content: Email Marketing, Newsletters, Articles, Blogs in Multiple Languages

The Internet is a powerful marketing tool giving your company global exposure. Convincing and professionally written websites and email marketing campaigns can dramatically boost every business out there. It is necessary to make sure that your company’s messages and newsletters are engaging, smooth and to the point. Our seasoned copywriters have years of marketing experience and corresponding skills. They are here to help you stand out in the crowd.

If you do not have any marketing materials created for previous campaigns in your language, our creative native copywriters will generate engaging and culture-appealing content.

Sure enough, you can always hire a source language copywriters and then ask us to translate the text into multiple languages but this is not always the best choice when it comes to multicultural marketing.

Web content copywriting versus translation

  • Web content, generated by a local writer can be much more appealing and on-target in terms of flair and relevance to the local market than a translated text created by a non-native writer. You receive direct benefits when your service or product addresses more relevantly the needs of your potential clients. Consequently, it will be accepted with more enthusiasm and eventually you will be achieving higher conversion rates.
  • Your keywords will be integrated more naturally in the text.