Creative translation (transcreation) or adaptation is a blend between translation and copywriting: it involves rewriting your existing text in another language by keeping the original impact and adapting the message and its style in terms of language and culture to foreign markets or niche foreign-speaking markets within a country.

When aiming to target specific markets or cultures, a direct translation is not enough. Your success and maximum ROI depends on creative translation or adaptation, i.e. conveying your message effectively across cultures which may involve a creative approach to adapting content related to marketing, sales, advertisement, etc., both to a particular market and to a particular niche.


Your company probably already has a set of marketing campaign materials that have efficiently promoted your services or products in your language. However, if you wish to adapt your message to foreign markets and to successfully engage and attract customers from other cultures, you will need to consider a more creative approach than the strict translation process.

It is essential to consider that some types of content require more creative approach, while others need a more direct conversion.