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Localization services become more and more important for our clients and our goal is to meet the individual needs of each business across all levels of content and communication. We have...

Website/Software Localization


What is localization?

Localization (often abbreviated as “l10n”) is not limited to simply translating a product. It is the process of translating and customizing software applications, websites and products to a particular country, language and target market. Localization takes into account regional differences (colors, symbols, images) and target market technical requirements (currency, date format). It also includes changes to a software application or website in accordance with different alphabets.


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How does it relate to my business?

In today’s climate of globalization, localizing your software products or websites in foreign languages will push your business a few giant leaps forward. Our localization team of engineers and linguists will help you boost your revenue by rendering your software products and websites linguistically and culturally relevant to the target market.
Website and software localization demonstrates credibility, desire to work with other cultures, understanding and recognition. It gives you a chance to gain significant exposure of your products/services and to introduce them to millions of new potential clients and to positively impact your revenue.
Our localization service will help you to:

       achieve cultural awareness;
       win new clients and conquer foreign markets;
       boost your revenues.

Quick Facts

       Consumers prefer to buy online in their native language. This holds true for
         foreign language speakers in domestic markets.
       Currently over 40% of the world Internet users are located in Asia and only 27%
         of all Internet users in the world can speak English. 55% speak Chinese, Spanish,
         Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian or Korean. The remaining
         18% speak other languages (Usage and Population Statistics).

Website Localization

We will make the website localization process easy for you. You simply need to follow the 2 easy steps below.

1. Fill out our website localization form
We ask you to fill out our website localization form detailing the specifics of your website, such as the type of code embedded, graphics editing and formatting requirements, specific locales you are targeting (e.g. you will need traditional Chinese for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Simplified Chinese for Mainland China), expected updates to the website, requirements for multimedia translation, etc.

This will help us handle your project smoothly and quickly, saving you all the hassle.

2. Options
Depending on your website specifics, there are two simple options for carrying out the actual localization process:

A. Send us the source documents that will be localized and we will work on them without performing any file format conversions.


B. In case that you have a Customer Management System (CMS) integrated in your website, we can work directly through this system.


Our Work process

Pre-production and Production stage

After customizing our localization process to your needs, we localize your website employing the localization tools and applications that are best suited for your project.    A team of translators, editors and proofreaders will localize your website taking into consideration all target locale aspects.

Cross-cultural issues report

This report will be submitted in case that we identify any cultural issues during the production stage. Our team will advise you on your website’s elements, such as symbols, names and colors suitability of your brand/products/services in regards with the target culture. If you like us to handle these issues for you, we will be happy to offer you our solutions.

Particular attention has to be paid to the usage of pictures or symbols as some of them may convey different nuances and messages than they do in your own culture.   A pig symbolizes fertility and virility in Chinese culture while in Christian cultures it is associated with laziness and greed; Jewish and Islamic cultures view the pig as an unclean animal and they are forbidden to eat pork.

Colors can influence your potential customers as well. It is always a good idea to respect what a certain color stands for in the cultures your business is targeting. For instance, in Eastern cultures the white color symbolizes funerals, while in Christian cultures we connect it with brides, angels, good and peace.

Follow-up localization care and updates
Another important aspect of your website localization is to identify which sections will be regularly updated and to have them translated in a timely manner. In this way you will enable all your customers around the globe to access your business news and updates efficiently.


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