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VIAX Chooses XTRF Translation Management Systems as its Main Translation Platform

Localization services become more and more important for our clients and our goal is to meet the individual needs of each business across all levels of content and communication. We have...



When aiming to target specific markets or cultures, a direct translation is not enough. Your success and maximum ROI depends on transcreation or adaptation, i.e. conveying your message effectively across cultures which may involve a creative approach to adapting texts related to marketing, sales, advertisement, etc. both to a particular market and to a particular niche.


Your company probably already has a set of marketing campaign materials that have efficiently promoted your services or products in your language. However, if you wish to adapt your message to foreign markets and to successfully engage and attract customers from other cultures, you will need to consider a more creative approach than the strict translation process.

Definition of transcreation or adaptation

Transcreation or adaptation is a blend between translation and copywriting: it involves rewriting your existing text in another language by keeping the original impact and adapting the message and its style in terms of language and culture to foreign markets or niche foreign-speaking markets within a country.


It is important to understand that some types of text require more creative approach, while others need a more direct conversion.


We transcreate taglines, websites, marketing brochures, product/service descriptions, posters, billboards, media commercials, press releases, email marketing materials, etc. into 7-20 languages at a time.


This service is invaluable for larger multicultural marketing campaigns into many languages, saving a huge amount of efforts and resources which would otherwise be needed for coordination and management.


No matter what the size of your project or the targeted culture or locale, our dedicated team will strive to offer you the ultimate and most efficient solution. With over 100 languages accommodated, we offer a one-stop for all your web content needs.


Quality Assurance

Our in-country transcreation specialists are native speakers of the target language with in-depth background knowledge of both cultures, with proven expertise and years of experience in creative adaptation, copywriting and translation. They specialize in various industries, so it is important to carefully select the right person for your project.


We manage your project from start to finish in accordance with industry standards. All transcreation work we perform is edited and proofread in order to deliver appealing and culturally-relevant content for all your products/services.


Our process

You first need to provide us with the source materials and keywords, if applicable.  Our project managers discuss your needs and aims with you. Then we assign the most appropriate transcreation specialists to your project.


For advertising slogans, commercials, posters, billboards and taglines, you will receive two or three target versions, plus back translations. You can choose the best option with our manager and/or request the text to be revised to your satisfaction.

We offer a few target versions and a back translation for lengthier texts too at extra fee.


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