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Summary Translation


Summary translation can be the right solution when you have extremely short turnaround time or you simply do not need a full translation of each word in the source document. We will assign a specialized linguist to read the document and create a summary of the key points and messages in the text.


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When choosing our summary translation service you can determine which documents need to undergo a full translation and which can be left out.

Low Cost Option


In order to render a prompt and low-cost service, the work is assigned to one of our experienced and certified translators and is not subject to further editing or internal quality assurance. We recommend summary translation for:

       Internal company use, and not for publication or distribution.
       Large documents that need to be reviewed for relevance.
       Target summaries of press releases or other publications: We deliver summary

         translations of press releases or other publications in foreign languages regularly

         and on time in order to help you keep track of current events around the globe

         or in a specific region/field.

Integration with our Certified Translation Process

In case that you need the summary translation for publication, we offer a full integration with our Certified Translation process. This service includes in-house quality assurance and a certificate for quality. We recommend this service for:

       Official use/distribution
       Content intended for publication

If you intend to publish the summary translation or to use it officially, we will work on providing you with accurate and stylistically-polished text ready for publication. You can read more about the value and process of our Certified Translations here.


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