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VIAX Chooses XTRF Translation Management Systems as its Main Translation Platform

Localization services become more and more important for our clients and our goal is to meet the individual needs of each business across all levels of content and communication. We have...


As a one-stop language service provider, VIAX offers a diverse range of language solutions in 100+ languages – from translation and localization to copywriting, transcreation and linguistic validation. Although we have developed methodologies specific to each service, we think out of the box and our goal is to accommodate any additional requirements. This means that we first make sure to understand all your needs before we outline a project plan.

Translation and Linguistic Services in a Global Market

Consumers prefer to buy online in their native language. This holds true for foreign language speakers in domestic markets. Currently over 40% of the world Internet users are located in Asia and only 27 % of all Internet users in the world can speak English.

Quality that makes a difference

The quality of translation and translation-related services is often underestimated by young businesses. Your product or service content is directly associated with the quality your company offers, so the choice of language service provider very often makes the difference between success and failure.

We guarantee the quality of our services by applying rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) control in line with EN 15038 and offer you the best prices  for the high-quality we offer.



Below is a comprehensive list of all our services by categories. Even if you do not find the service you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us with your request.

Translation Services
100+ languages covered, new approach to specialized translations, VIAX certificate of quality


     •  Summary Translations
        Summarizing and translating the key messages in your text
     •  Draft Translations
        Low cost professional translations suited for internal purposes
     •  Certified Translations
        Guaranteed and certified quality, best for externally distributed texts

Linguistic Validation

Translation and cultural adaption of PRO Instruments

Website and Software Localization

Professional translation and customization of software applications, websites and products to a particular country, language and target market

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Formatting and designing documents in 100+ foreign languages: text, diagrams, images, tables

Multicultural Marketing
Conveying your messages creatively and effectively to the target audiences

     •  International Brand Check
         Evaluation of your brand name for relevance and negative

         connotations in target cultures
     •  Transcreation\Adaptation
         Rewriting your existing text by adapting it to foreign markets and

     •  Copywriting
         Content generated by a local writer in the target language

Terminology Management
Analysis and utilization of your previous translations for future use

     •  Translation Memory (TM)
         Aligning your previous translations to segments and storing them in

     •  Dictionaries & Glossaries
         Lists of terms and concepts in a given field for future reference
     •  Style Guides
         Manuals outlining the stylistic and linguistic standards to be

         implemented in your projects

Quality Assessment
Proofreading, revision and editing, updating your documents, back translation

Voiceover, Dubbing and Subtitling
Translating or recording  your content (or both) using the techniques you prefer: voiceover, dubbing, lip synchronization or subtitling

Extracting the text from your recordings and translating it to foreign languages


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