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VIAX Chooses XTRF Translation Management Systems as its Main Translation Platform

Localization services become more and more important for our clients and our goal is to meet the individual needs of each business across all levels of content and communication. We have...

Preliminary Eligibility Criteria


We adhere to the highest quality standards and we have set a number of requirements that our translators must meet and verify through providing all necessary documentation and evidence prior to being admitted to the VIAX Certified Translators Programme.

       All translators must be native speakers of their target language and reside

         in their native country for a period equaling or exceeding 6 months in the

         last 4 years.

       All translators must possess a college or university degree in translation with

         at least 6 years of documented translation experience OR a college/university

         degree in another field and 8 years of documented translation experience.

       All translators must show evidence of their identity, education and experience,

         along with at least 4 references who will be contacted for feedback on their

         work and professional ethics.

Once a translator has proven to comply with the above preliminary requirements, he or she is admitted to our evaluation process that tests the candidate’s translation skills and professional ethics. Our evaluation process is called VIAX Certified Translators Programme.


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