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VIAX Chooses XTRF Translation Management Systems as its Main Translation Platform

Localization services become more and more important for our clients and our goal is to meet the individual needs of each business across all levels of content and communication. We have...



100% match (an exact match)
A segment in the source document that does not differ from the source text in the translation memory database (TM).

Back translation
Back translation is the translation of the target text back to the source language. This approach is sometimes used to verify the translation quality and accuracy.

Brand check
Brand check is the valuation of a brand name for relevance and negative connotations in target cultures.

Displaying the audio content of a video production as text.

CAT Tool
The abbreviation stands for Computer Aided Translation tool. This type of software is used by a human translator in order to improve consistency, efficiency and overall quality of the translation.

Certified Translation

VIAX Certified translation is suitable for externally distributed texts. It undergoes various stages of quality assurance involving 2 independent linguists and if applicable, one monolingual subject matter professional, such as an engineer, doctor, chemist, etc. VIAX guarantees the quality of all certified translations.

Copywriting is creating content in a particular language to promote a product, service or to convey an idea.

Content Management System (CMS)
A system used to manage the content of a website.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Desktop publishing or DTP is formatting and redesigning documents, text, diagrams, images, tables.

Dictionary is a list of terms with their equivalents in a foreign language(s).

Dubbing is the technique of recording translated content and fully replacing the original actor voices with the foreign language recording.

Draft translation
Draft translation is a type of budget translation offered by VIAX. It is performed by a professional translator. Draft translations do not undergo editing and are suitable for internal use and information purposes.

Examining the text and improving the style, grammar and the overall quality of the writing. Editing requires more time and effort than the proofreading. As a part of our Certified translations process, editing refers to comparing the source content against the target in order to examine the linguistic quality, terminological and  purpose suitability of the respective domain.

A quality standard for translation service providers published by the European Committee for Standardization.

Fuzzy match
A segment in the source document that partially coincides with the source text in the translation memory database (TM).

This is a standard for quality management systems published by the International Organization for Standardization. It is intended for all organizations regardless of their type.

Glossary is a list of terms and concepts in a given field or context accompanied by definitions.

Linguistic validation
Linguistic validation is following a special methodology to provide a conceptually equivalent and culturally-sensitive adaptation of PRO Instruments intended for clinical trials.

Lip synchronization
(or lip sync) Matching the lip movement with the spoken words in a video production.

Localization (often abbreviated as “l10n”) is the process of translating and customizing software applications, websites and products to a particular country, language and target market. Localization takes into account regional differences (colors, symbols, images) and target market technical requirements (currency, date format). It also includes changes to a software application or website in accordance with different alphabets.

Local Project Manager (LPM)
This term is used on our website in the sense of an in-country linguist trained and experienced in our linguistic validation methodology.

Multicultural marketing
Multicultural marketing encompasses a number of services helping our clients to convey their messages creatively and effectively to the target audiences. Such services are International Brand Check, Transcreation/Adaptation, Copywriting.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
A Confidentiality Agreement between two parties regarding knowledge and information which is shared between two parties but must not be disclosed to any third parties.

Proofreading is examining the target text for spelling, punctuation or other surface errors. No comparison with the source text is involved.


Quality assessment
Quality assessment is examining the quality of certain written content or translation. VIAX offers the following types of quality assessment: proofreading, revision and editing, updating your documents, back translations.

(or return on investment) A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment.

Senior Linguist
A Senior Linguist at VIAX is a linguist demonstrating excellent collaboration and problem-solving skills during a substantial period of time. The most successful and proven translators become our Senior Linguists in order to evaluate and supervise the work of all other translators.

Software localization
For software localization see localization.

Source language
The language from which a document is translated.

Style Guide
Style Guide is a manual outlining the stylistic and linguistic standards and aspects of a project, such as level of formality, tone, syntax, vocabulary, etc. The Style Guide for a specific project is created by a Senior Linguist of the target language and is distributed to all linguists.

Summary translation
Summary translation is summarizing and translating the key messages in your text.

Target language
The language to which a source document is translated.

Translation memory (TM)
Translation memory or TM is a database that stores all human translations aligned into segments – sentences, phrases and strings. A TM can be reused in future translations thus significantly lowering costs and turnaround times.

Transcreation/adaptation is a blend between translation and copywriting: it involves rewriting the existing text in another language by keeping the original impact and adapting the message and its style in terms of language and culture to foreign markets or niche foreign-speaking markets within a country.

Transcription is extracting the text from a recording and saving it in written form.

Translation is the process of rendering the source text into a text in another language.

Translation software
Translation software or computer aided translation tool (see CAT tool) is a type of software used by a human translator in order to improve consistency, efficiency and overall quality of the translation.


Voiceover is the process in which the foreign voices in a multimedia product are recorded over the original track but the original recording is not fully replaced and can be still heard in the background.

Website localization
For website localization see localization.

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