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Dictionaries and Glossaries


A glossary is a list of terms and concepts in a given field or context accompanied by definitions. A dictionary is a list of such terms with their equivalents in foreign languages.

Both the dictionary and the glossary are essential reference tools that help unify and maintain your company’s terminology.

You can either extract the terms that are central to your brand or are highly repetitive, and we will translate and use them consistently in all your projects. Alternatively, our Senior Linguist(s) for the respective language(s) will extract the essential terms and will update the glossary or dictionary throughout the work process.


Our Services

       We check, maintain and update existing dictionaries and glossaries provided to

         you by third parties.
       We extract terminology and compile dictionaries and glossaries from already

         existing human translations performed for your company and from any applicable

         reference materials in various formats in order to incorporate your company’s

         specific terminology and voice in future translations.

Note: You own all Translation Memories, Style Guides, Glossaries and Dictionaries we create for you.


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