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Certified Translations

Certified translations are your best choice for externally distributed texts in any industry.


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Main Priorities

Below are enlisted our three core translation values and main priorities.


       Accuracy certified by our Quality Certification. We aim to reproduce your content
         thoroughly and faithfully.


       Terminological consistency is equally important for achieving the highest quality
         standards in translation, which is why we use state-of-the-art CAT tools
         (Computer-Aided Translation tools). This approach helps preserve your
         company’s terminology of choice as well as its consistency throughout the


       Style is conveying the subtleties of the source text into the target, i.e.
         preserving your company’s tone, emphases and implications. Due to language
         and cultural specifics, the produced target text is not always an identical
         equivalent of the source. However, we aim to employ the most appropriate
         corresponding target expressions and idioms. This means that our priority is
         getting behind the words and creatively conveying their meaning in order to
         faithfully represent your say.


Quality Certification

All VIAX certified translations are delivered with a Quality Certificate to guarantee that we have applied the standard EN 15038, published by the European Committee for Standardization in regards with translation-specific quality management.

Our customers sometimes request a notarized Quality or Accuracy Certificate for their critical texts, such as contracts, medical and technical manuals, etc. We offer this option on request, so if you need a notarized Quality Certificate, please inform us in due time at the beginning of each project and we will make sure to include your certificate in the project’s deliverables.

The Process

Our Certified Translations process integrates a full translation service. Below we present you with the general translation workflow, which is additionally adjusted to your particular project specifics.

     1.  Translation. Our Project Manager assigns your documents to one or more of
          our translators depending on project volume, deadline and language



     2.  Editing. After the translator has completed the task, the target text goes to
          the editor who compares the source text with the target, examines the linguistic
          quality, terminological and purpose suitability of the respective domain, ensures
          that the translation tasks have been carried out to the required level and
          suggests corrective measures, if necessary.

     3.  Implementation of corrections. After the translation has undergone all of the
          above stages, it is then returned to the translator who reviews and implements/
          rejects the corrections suggested by the editor.

     4.  Finalization of the translation stage. After the translation has been edited
          and the changes – implemented, we internally check the translation once again
          for any missing text and correct the formatting, if necessary, so that your
          target document looks like the original. At this point the translation is being
          finalized and the documents go to the next step of the initially outlined process,
          which is project-specific and may include additional reformatting (DTP) or

          redesign options.


Innovative Quality Assurance Approach UPON REQUEST

Terminological accuracy check by a field specialist: we believe that this is the key to success in all specialized translations related to your industry.
This crucial step can be applied at your request to all services we offer when dealing with specialized content – from translation and website localization to transcription and copywriting.

For more information, please see Innovative Quality Assurance Approach.


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