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Brand Name Check


Entering a foreign market is the right time to identify any possible negative connotations of a brand name or to confirm its relevance. Our in-country native speakers of the respective culture(s) will perform the brand name check, so you can rest assured that your brand name is appealing in the corresponding culture and resonates with the target audience. This is a way to save you time and secure your investments in a certain product.


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Common problems that your company can escape by simply performing a multicultural brand name check:

       The brand name or its slogans have negative, offensive or controversial

         meaning/connotation in the target language(s)
       The colors or symbols identifying your brand are improper in the target

       The brand name already exists in the target market(s)
       The brand name is difficult to pronounce by the speakers of the target


There is a number of globally-known companies that have skipped performing the international brand name check. This has resulted in massive losses in the long run.
For example, several companies were forced to withdraw certain products distributed in the Middle East, since the drawings and words resemble the Arabic lettering for “Allah”. A few car companies had to rename their brands for the Spanish market only after realizing that the names were sexually offensive.


Processes and Benefits

Simplified process
We hand out our standard questionnaire to our in-country linguists who research and analyze your brand name and attributes. Then we examine the results, congregate the data and provide you with our brand analysis summary report within one 1-2 weeks.

We usually need as little as 1 week to complete a survey.

Customized approach
The set of questions can be customized according to your requirements. You can even use your own set of questions, if you like.

We offer two distinctive service levels to choose from according to your budget and requirements. Our basic check provides you with a quick assessment of your brand name accompanied by a short report while the detailed assessment involves a more in-depth brand name research and evaluation.

If your requirements or project specifics do not match any of the levels or sublevels, we can further customize our service. Just inform us of your needs, requirements, budget, etc.
In order to receive a precise final report, we welcome you to provide us with details, such as description of your business and the product or service you intend to market. If you have a list of potential brand names, we can check them all for you.

Multicultural coverage
We cover over 100 languages and foreign markets.

24/7 Customer support
Our dedicated Project Management team is here to accommodate your needs at any time.

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