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VIAX Chooses XTRF Translation Management Systems as its Main Translation Platform

Localization services become more and more important for our clients and our goal is to meet the individual needs of each business across all levels of content and communication. We have...

Key Success Factors


Here are some principles we adhere to in order to ensure quality, save time and keep our clients and collaborators happy.


CAT Tools

We cut costs for you through effectively employing the most up-to-date translation software (CAT tools), enhance the quality and consistency of your translations and ease the work of our linguists.

Each time you place an order with us (unless we receive scanned documents or very rare formats), you receive your quote along with file(s) analysis and discounts for repetitions and fuzzy matches. Besides, you never pay twice for what we have already translated.


We take your confidentiality very seriously. All external providers we work with are obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement before starting their collaboration with us. You can rest assured that all your sensitive information is safe with VIAX.

Keeping our team happy, responsible and organized

We have developed a sophisticated management system for our translators and ensure that they cooperate in friendly and professional atmosphere. Our experience shows that open communication motivates, organizes and provokes a responsible attitude in our team members, and directly benefits our clients. We ease the communication, secure project progress reports, spot and investigate project issues and solutions on the fly. We pay our translators well – we know what an excellent service and dedication is worth.

The  quality of our certified translations is determined by the following key factors:

Native in-country linguists, a part of our global network of over 2000 experts

As a company driven by quality, we can only afford to work with top professionals who have proven track records. VIAX collaborators have years of verified experience in their subject areas and are certified by a relevant governmental/accreditation institution, such as:

       The American Translation Association (ATA);
       The Chartered Institute of Linguists Educational Trust (IoLET);
       The Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI);
       Cambridge Academy of Translation (CAT);
       The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI);
       Société Française des Traducteurs (SFT);
       Asociación Profesional Española de Traductores e Intérpretes (APETI).

We have recently launched our VIAX Certified Translators Programme  for assessing and recruiting the best translators in the industry.  The programme has been developed exclusively to achieve and exceed the highest industry standards. For more details on the preliminary eligibility criteria for VIAX Certified Translators, please visit this link.

Terminological accuracy check by a field specialist

One of our strengths and a key to providing top quality in all specialized fields is bringing a monolingual subject-area practitioner into the process. This provider is best at one particular thing – your subject area. He or she edits the files and ensures that the most relevant terminology has been used and that all your language versions sound like they were written by a target language industry specialist. He or she examines the text and discusses all terminology issues with our Lead Translator in order to assure the relevance and accuracy of all terms and to make your text read and feel as if it was originally written in the target language.

Depending on the particular domain your document(s) refers to, the editor can be an engineer, doctor, accountant, etc.

Quality Assurance Process of certified translations

We have developed a stringent and efficient quality assurance system in compliance with the following standards:

       ISO 9001:2000, the general quality management standard geared towards

         ensuring client satisfaction and constant improvement of customer service.
       EN 15038, published by the European Committee for Standardization regarding

         translation-specific quality management.

Project Management team
that is well-coordinated, supportive and dedicated to your goals. We assign at least one individual Project Manager (PM) per project.

       PMs apply our strict quality standards to the translation process
       PMs are available 24/7
       PMs provide timely client support and feedback
       PMs ensure smooth and seamless project progress
       PMs guarantee timely delivery

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